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ACG Design is a lean design research and strategy firm helping clients innovate using Design Thinking and a Human Centered Design process.

With ACG Design, you get a project team specifically tailored to the scope and complexity of your particular business needs. Unlike larger firms who must balance keeping full time resources productive, we can bring together the precise balance of expertise and experience to best address your unique project goals.

Alyce Green 


Innovation Catalyst


Founding Principal, ACG Design Research & Strategy

A passionate design thinker with more than 15 years experience advocating for and implementing meaningful user experiences. She is at her best when she is working closely with clients and research teams to breathe life into opportunity spaces. From discovery, to concept development techniques, to quickly iterating possible solutions, she has knowledge and experience in every facet of the human-centered design process. Alyce holds a B.A. in Design from UCLA, several professional certifications and was a "Leading by Design Fellow" at California College of the Arts in 2013.

notable studio collaborations

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