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Solving business problems with the power of Human Centered Design




Moving beyond what people think, we look to understand what they do, and why they do it.  We help you gain a multi-faceted, rich understanding of your customers in the context of their environment.  Giving you a view into motivators and drivers of action, not just the actions themselves.




 Information gathered about your customers is only as valuable as the the patterns and connections hidden within them.  Using our extensive Analysis & Synthesis tool box, we work with our clients to uncover those connections and insights which can become the seed of true innovation.

True innovation springs out of a menu of excellent questions, not excellent solutions. Although we have helped many clients answers questions they came to us with, we believe we add the maximum value when we help our clients work toward identifying the right question to answer instead of trying to find the right answer to their predetermined question.

ACG Design is a lean design research and strategy firm helping clients innovate using Design Thinking and a Human Centered Design process.

With ACG Design, you get a project team specifically tailored to the scope and complexity of your particular business needs. Unlike larger firms who must balance keeping full time resources productive, we can bring together the precise balance of expertise and experience to best address your unique project goals.

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ACG Design Research & Strategy

P. O. Box 1705, Los Gatos, CA 95031  |  408.205.0692

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